Job Listing For Law Enforcement – Know Where and What Jobs to Get

Interested in joining the law enforcement? Are you encouraged and motivated to help the community in setting and protecting the established order? If that is the case, then law enforcement jobs should be considered. These professions are always available and are not affected by falling economies and market movements because we all need to be and feel secure no matter what happens in the outside world.

And what you need to do is to check out the job listing for law enforcement jobs. You can use the internet for sites that are focusing on these careers in order to see these job listings. You can use, where all you have to do to do is type in ‘law enforcement jobs’ and you will be shown the results of sites that offer related listings.

So you have accessed the sites that offer this job listing for law enforcement jobs. The next thing to do is to properly select the job that you want. Now this is an important thing that you should know. Don’t just jump into job hunting without thinking aloud what specific law enforcement job is best for you- or what enforcement of the law career you would like to have.

If you don’t know the specific job that you want, then job hunting online will all be for nothing! You should remember that the key to effective and cost-effective job hunting is being knowledgeable on the jobs to consider. And this is true as well even for careers in enforcement of the law.

Now there are a number of job listing for law enforcement jobs that you can choose from. And a quick check on some of the state’s websites will reveal a good number of these. Here are some jobs which you can check out when looking at a listing:

Related to correctional administration and justice:

· Correctional Officer and Staff for the Homeland Security
· Park Ranger Officer
· Interior Officers
· Security Administration Officers
· Defense Department Officers
· Police Officers and a number of other varied positions

Now that you know the direction of your career, then that would be the time when you really need to fine tune your search for law enforcement jobs. At this stage you need to know where you can find the best job listing for law enforcement jobs. You can always start at the home websites of the employers themselves. Once you have targeted the websites of the employer, then the challenge for you is to find these job openings. It is also recommended to tap school associations and even alumni groups.

These organizations are best for networking, and your network can be an effective source of job openings a well. Job listings can also be provided by recruiters and staffing firms. And the most common providers of these listings are your job sites, classified ads and the job aggregators. Learn these approaches. Focus on the avenues for career hunting, and you can’t go wrong and will be safe when searching for law enforcement jobs.

The 2 Important Skills You Must Have to Become Successful Air Marshal in the Criminal Justice Field

The air marshal has one of the most exciting jobs in the criminal justice field. In this profession, you get to jet to different parts of the world. The best part is while you are doing this, your employer, in this case the US government, is picking up the tab.

But make no mistake about it, the air marshal job is not all glamour. It is a serious job that requires serious skills. In this article, I discuss the 2 most important skills you must have to become a successful air marshal. In no particular order, they are:

1. Marksman Skill:
The Air Marshal must be an excellent marksman or good shot as they say in layman’s terms. This is the ability to take out your target with precision and eliminating or limiting damage to surrounding targets.

For example, the air marshal may be put in a situation to take out a terrorist. This terrorist may be sitting next to other passengers. The air marshal should be able to take out this terrorist without harming or killing the passengers sitting next to him or her.

While taking out the passenger, the air marshal must not damage the aircraft or at least limit the damage to the aircraft. The last thing you want is for the marshal to put a big dent in the aircraft that may lead to the aircraft crashing. The aircraft crashing will most likely lead to most, if not all, of the passengers dying. This will defeat the whole purpose of shooting the terrorist.

This skill is the reason air marshals have the highest firearms qualification standard of all law enforcement agencies. It is that important.

2. Judgment Skill:
The air marshal must have excellent judgment skill. Terrorist don’t advertise before they board an airplane. They generally blend in with other passengers. This makes them difficult to detect.

The air marshal must have the judgment skill to pick up on things that are out of the ordinary. The ability to do this can avert potentially dangerous situations.

When the air marshal picks up on things that are out of the ordinary, she or he must decide what to do and when to do it. Making the wrong judgment will put the crew and passengers of the flight in danger.

The above are just 2 of the skills an air marshal must have. There are a lot more. It’s difficult to cover them all in this short article. If you are interested in becoming an air marshal, I urge you to do more reading on the internet. You can this by going to websites which cover the profession in more detail.

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Criminal Justice Training

Find Criminal Justice Training Programs in the United States and Canada. Criminal justice training is provided at most academic schools and colleges throughout the nation. Modern criminal justice training courses instruct prospective law enforcement candidates in the challenging career path of the criminal justice system. Focusing primarily on the functions of law enforcement, prosecution, trail, and corrections — criminal justice training can lead successful graduates to rewarding and honorable career fields.

When enrolled in a criminal justice training program, individuals acquire education in public safety, juvenile justice, prosecution, victim assistance, law enforcement, crime prevention, loss prevention, corrections, court administration and trial processes; among other subject matter.

Depending on the primary focus of education in a criminal justice training course, there are a variety of occupational options which one can pursue. For example, a number of criminal justice training programs may emphasize corrections and rehabilitation.

Just like many other law enforcement courses, this particular program of study will encompass legal issues and laws (both state and federal) surrounding the respective department of corrections and rehabilitation. In addition, students receive hands-on training in physical defense tactics, supervision of inmates in a correctional setting, effective communication skills, report writing, and other essential instruction.

If you’re drawn to social work, a criminal justice training program would be beneficial in helping you to acquire employment in a variety of local, state and federal government settings. Probation officers, for instance, work closely with local law enforcement agencies, as well as correctional institutions and often require education from a criminal justice training program to be fully prepared to fulfill the duties of this line of work.

Currently, criminal justice training can lead to degrees and/or certification; and may be attained through accredited universities, academies, tech schools and even online courses.

To learn more about criminal justice training, or if you are interested in entering other fields of law enforcement, feel free to search our vocational schools directory.

Find your dream job! Let education within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, healthcare, personal training, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Criminal Justice Training
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Predator Reform Toward a Balanced Justice System

Current predator justice systems describe an unbalance of righteousness. In other words, whereas the predator and associated parties receive minimal punishment, the victim on the other hand develops life-long emotional and financial hardships. In addition as the predator smirks toward the justice system, many bewildered victims lie confused to a chaotic justice system. In addition since litigators derail justice and experts become ignored, instances of predator crimes will continue unless predator laws are modified toward prevention of predator activities. Hence the following changes are recommended toward predator reform, which attempts toward eradicating the predator problem. Furthermore, conditions are based upon the individual being guilty using existing legal methods. Highlights of changes are:

1. Increased mental and jail time where (age + years) > 110 years.
2. Penalties for monitors who ignore laws and create early release
3. Penalties for judges and prosecutors who ignore expert opinions
4. Confiscation of all predator’s assets
5. Confiscation of predator’s social security and other pension assets
6. Creation of a National Victims Fund
7. Establish predator retro-activity lengthening jail times
8. Penalties for predator associates including fines and jail times

For example:

Increased jail time: A mentally deranged individual or predator may not under stand crime acknowledgment. Therefore, the predator or mentally unstable individual, after one crime, must be secured in a predator facility, which will cure his mentally unstable condition. In essence no second legal chances are given toward predator monsters. Furthermore, being secured in a mental facility may be indefinite depending upon a doctor’s acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility. However, after a doctor has successfully acknowledged treatment of the unstable predator, can the predator be moved to jail facility to receive his proper jail time. In other words, a mentally unstable individual or predator may not understand the crime, however being unstable does not provide an excuse to commit a crime. In any event, the minimum term for sentencing after the predator is deemed fit for jail time is based on age after predator recovery and shall be (recovered_age + jail years) equal to and greater than 110. Thus, if the individual is 30 years old after mental-health treatment and verified mentally stable, then minimum sentencing will be 80 years using the formula provided.

For example, the recent predator incidents should not have occurred if the predator was locked in a predator or mental facility until “cured.” Afterwords, the predator can perform his jail time acknowledging fault to his actions. Unfortunately, not listening to expert testimony or specialists creates baffled justice. In addition, public opinion warrants remedies toward justice. Furthermore, since existing parole monitoring techniques are obsolete lacking acknowledgment or responsibility, then alternate long-term solutions require replacement from existing methods. Thus, life-long sentences for predators, who kidnap and molest under-aged children. Capital punishment for predators, who kidnap, molest, and kill underage children. Of course, a positive connection must be made through various DNA or other scientific methods, which connects the predator to the victim.

Assets: Predators will be spending many years behind prison walls without requiring use of acquired assets. Thus, predator’s assets will be confiscated and acquired funds will be transferred to a national victim’s organization. In addition any acquired social security benefits upon eligibility will be transferred to the victims fund until death of the predator. Thus, while predator’s assets are being confiscated, victims can draw from these funds to provide long-term mental health, stability, and other unforeseen future expenses to themselves and their required medical needs. In essence providing a balanced justice system where predators receive life-time sentencing whereas victims are eligible for lifetime financial support. Access to the National Victims Fund (NVF) should be through on-line or snail mail applications intended toward minimal victim’s burdens, which may be similar to filing an online claim form.

Legal: Current justice system is defective combined with derailed justice attorneys. In addition recommendations by experts are ignored creating limited predator punishment. A recommended 11 year sentenced was reduced to just six years. In essence justice was not served while the victim suffers. Therefore, predator legal representatives, whose predator created additional crimes and or ignored experts’ recommendation, will be fined and penalized if maximum predator justice was not established. In addition if the predator was placed in a mental institution prior to serving his or her recognized jail time, then predator repeat instances would not occur. Unfortunately, lack of responsibility for decisions can lead to further predator incidents.

Retroactive feature: Currently the parole board is overworked and understaffed. Thus, having an overworked and understaffed workforce creates problems for our society. On the other hand, having existing predators, which are wandering, are outside the jail system or not in a locked facility, and unknown to society should be re-entered into the jail system using the formula provided. In essence laws will be changed to protect the innocent. Furthermore, as other policies may change without notice, predator laws may change without predator notice. In any event, an argument might occur that a law is being changed after the crime and the new law is applied. Point being, common sense should rule where “Thou shall not molest children” is applied before or after a horrendous crime is committed. Furthermore, since Constitutionality may apply and the Constitution is based on GOD’s law, then retro activity should occur. Unfortunately, as stated by Diederich (2000), “The Constitution bars both state and federal legislatures from passing ex post facto laws” (p. 1). In essence challenges remain toward predator retro activity.

Family or associated child abuse organizations: Children are not born as predators. However, children through their upbringing and surrounding through family abuse develop into predators. In essence, parents or associates of children who through neglect and abuse create predators and should be held accountable for creating predators. In essence if the parents did not abuse the child, then the child does not become a predator. Abuse conditions may be starvation, isolation, excessive punishment, or any deemed abnormal condition. As stated by Hickey, Ph. D. (2010), “The early recognition of these signs can save a child from growing up an angry and isolated adult who turns to violence as a way to relieve his childhood pain.” In essence the predator is relieving his childhood pain through violence and prior neglect and uses violence toward recognition. Thus, associated adults who were parents to predators must pay through monetary and jail time sending messages of predator intolerance. Hence, through discovery, predator creators can be brought to justice.

Note: The above article was written in response to the Amber Dubois and Chelsea King slaying combined with using acquired educational training. In addition writing to the King family produced no results, thus hopefully King or Dubois family direction will be guided toward this site for enhanced justice system. In addition further references toward the aforementioned can be acquired from the author providing further insight toward justice. Contact email is [email protected].


Hickey, E. Ph. D. (2010). Eric W. Hickey, Ph.D. Criminologist – Consultant. Retrieved March 18, 2010, from website

Diederich, B. R. (2000). Risking Retroactive Punishment: Modifications of the Supervised Release Statute and the Ex Post Facto Prohibition. Social Science Research Network. Retrieved March 20, 2010, from website

The Roles And Duties Of The Crime Analyst In The Criminal Justice Field

A crime analyst is as important to the criminal justice field as the police officers who make the arrest. This profession is one of the most interesting and intriguing fields of study that is available. If you think you would be interested in becoming one, read on to find out just how exciting and fulfilling this position can be.

This analyzer of crimes performs many roles and duties. In this article, I will discuss those roles and duties. In no order of importance, they are:

1. The crime analyst is available for law enforcement to detect patterns in crimes so they can be linked with other crimes of the same pattern. This may tell law enforcement officers that this particular crime is being committed by the same person. In addition to detecting patterns, they may be able to see a trend that will stop this offender from committing other crimes.

2. Crime analysts use another research tool in searching for known offenders when faced with crimes of a certain nature, such as child molesters. Every long term criminal has certain aspects that are attributed to the crimes he or she commits. This is called the modus operandi.

When a crime is committed using a certain modus operandi, the first person the analyst will look at is the criminal who uses this method. This will allow police officers to question this person as to their whereabouts when the crime they are investigating was committed.

3. The analyst also investigates and distributes information they may uncover about trends in crimes. This allows police officers to use their resources to come up with solutions to certain problems. When the analyst and the police officers work together, the apprehension of criminals is much more likely.

4. In addition to searching for criminals, the crime analyst will generate reports for the police agency on how well their system is working. How many man hours the department is using, an analysis of all the complaints communicated to police officers is analyzed and prepared as a report for the appropriate agency.

5. Generating reports on how the police activity will rise or fall with the future is another job that crime analysts perform. This enables law enforcement agencies to prepare for the future. If the prediction is that crime will rise, then the agency must look into hiring more police officers.

6. Community surveys on certain matters have to be analyzed and reports filed with the appropriate department. The police department on a whole depends on the analyst to detect and predict a host of information to help them do their job.

As you can see, the crime analyst performs a lot of roles and duties when it comes to crime prevention, apprehension, and implementation. The position is one of the most interesting in the criminal justice field. There are many more responsibilities that are undertaken by crime analyst. It is difficult for me to cover them all in this short article.

If you think this is the profession for you, check out internet websites that cover the profession in more detail. This will help you gain a full understanding of the profession.

Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the links should be clickable.